The Village of Merici provides residential supported living and community integration services to individuals with developmental disabilities. The Village of Merici is an approved provider through the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities (BDDS) Waiver programs and is accredited through CARF International.

Staff, administrators, and board members believe that all people can live in a home they choose and control, on their own or with others they select and can participate in meaningful work and activities if appropriate supports are offered.

People direct their lives and make decisions for themselves. There is comfort with reasonable levels of risk. Promotion of choice and people’s control over their own lives supersede all else.

Decision making sits primarily with the person; he/she is supported to make all choices, even difficult ones. Staff serve in a partnership role with the people they support. All interactions communicate value and respect.

Supporting people to build and maintain relationships and strong community connections is one of the highest priorities. Inclusive community and recreational opportunities that match people’s interests, gifts, and styles are sought.

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