The 2017 Day and Employment Services Outcomes System Report is now available on our website! Providers, policy makers, and employment professionals use DESOS data to look at the types of work and alternatives to work in which individuals with disabilities are engaged throughout Indiana  click here for the report 

Adults with autism will get a new housing community in Phoenix 

“A looming question for families like ours, is what’s going to happen when we’re no longer able to care for (our son),” said Resnik, founder and CEO of First Place AZ, a nonprofit in Phoenix. “The answer is a supportive community.”

Down Syndrome Research 

Click here for Frank Stephens’ Opening Statement on Down Syndrome.  Frank Stephens, who has Down Syndrome, testifies on Capitol Hill about his life experience and the importance of scientific research in the area.

FSSA Community Resources 

The FSSA has compiled a list of resources for individuals and families. It can be found on their web site at 

Learn more about the Village of Merici 

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