Community Programs

Programs are suspended due to the Covid-19 Emergency

Something for Everyone!

Sundays at 5pm – Cooking Sessions – We have three volunteers who are facilitating these sessions on periodic Sundays – Nicole and Bill Mills and Warren Palmer. They work with those interested in the Merici Kitchen to prepare seasonal fare, salads, desserts, etc. Participants are free to sample the food that is prepared. The cooking sessions are available at no cost and are different from the Merici Kitchen Project Cooking classes.

Mondays at 4pm – Yoga – Lauren Windle is a certified yoga instructor. The primary focus is chair yoga which is less strenuous than floor yoga. Family members and coaches are invited to attend as well.

Mondays at 5pm – Relationships and Sexuality – Will Worley MSW and Sr. Jackie faciltate these sessions. the topics include friendship, social media, dating, public vs private, legal vs illegal, ad work and family relationships.

2nd Monday of each month at 4pm – craft projects with volunteers Kristie Blankenhorn, Marigrace Bailey and Betty Grubb. the projects include holiday decorations, making blankets for the Little Sisters of the Poor, pottery, etc.

Tuesdays at 3:30pm – The Lady Bug Garden Club meets and depending on the season, either planting or harvesting. Volunteer Marcia English provides her expertise in assuring the gardeners are successful.

The 1st Tuesday of each month at 5pm – Nutrition classes are focused on proper nutrition and healthy living facilitated by volunteer Doug Gulley.

Wednesdays at 3:30pm – Volunteer Cindy Kuhn works with persons we support in organizing coupons, writing thank you notes to donors and assisting with various events.

Wednesdays at 5pm – Jabbers – Sr. Jackie facilitates a session that provides participants with assistance in several areas: how to get along with each other, how to talk to one another, and how to handle conflicts.

The 1st Wednesday of each month at 5pm – Kiva – Colleen Renie facilitate a session on Kiva – an international organization that lends funds to individuals who need assistance in purchasing items they need in order to make a living.

One Wednesday a month at 6pm Dr. Mary Ciccarelli with Eskenazi Health facilitates a session on relationships, health and sexuality.

Thursdays at 2;30pm – Job Club with Lori Vaughner which includes topics on team building, interviewing for a position, conflict resolution and employer expectations.

Super Cleaning Tips with Lori Vaughner include ideas on apartment/home organization, hand washing, sanitation, and hoarding.

Thursdays at 3:30pm – Card Games and board games

Thursdays at 5pm – Meditation

Thursdays at 6pm – Walking Club