About the Village of Merici

Our Mission

A group of people smiling

The Village of Merici, Inc  provides residential and community opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities that promote a strong sense of community. By creating a sense of community we will create a sense of belonging.

The Village of Merici is a 501(c)3 organization. The desire to have individuals and families come together as a community to support one another in leading a purpose-filled life  is our focus. the Village of Merici is a nondenominational organization.

       CARF accreditation report 132245 1-19-2021 through august 2023

Our Name – The Village of Merici ( pronounced Mer – ee -chee) was chosen to reflect the spirit of community, belongingness and a better way of providing for those with developmental disabilities.
Our Core Values:

Our Goals and Vision

  • Develop housing options
  • By focusing on a strong sense of community we will create a stronger sense of belonging in the Indianapolis area.
  • Promote healthy relationships for people we support
  • Foster growth, education, and development individually 
  • Provide social and community activities 
  • Collaborate with local agencies to provide supports 

Board Members

  • Toby McClamroch Esq.- Chairman
  • Tim Specht – Vice President
  • Jill Rusk – Secretary
  • Victoria Pierceall – Treasurer
  • Frank Hutnicke MD
  • Barbara Fleming Cecil
  • PJ Loehrer
  • Loui Lord Nelson Ph.D
  • Jack Mahoney
  • David McDowell
  • Nancy Buxser
  • Deborah Whitfield
  • Jeffrey Yu